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Audience Participation Friday

<tap><tap> Is this on?

Blogging's an odd form of informal public speaking where it's a surprise to discover that anyone's listening. So, if you're reading this, please take a moment to introduce yourself in the comments.


Hi, I'm Jeff. Thanks for writing Graphing Calculator -- I've had fun playing with it ever since I was 13.

I've enjoyed reading your findings on multithreading in the face of proliferating multiproc machines.

Hi Ron...I surfed into your blog when reading your Graphing Calculator story following from an entry on The Raw Feed (Mike Elgin's blog). I'm enjoying reading your thoughts very much - keep it up (is it ok if I'm a Windows programmer who only ever used a Mac in first year Physics labs? :o)

RSS lets me know when you've a new post and I go to it eagerly. The project I'm working on (Fathom) is only now introducing tasks initiatied in threads. Learning of your thoughts and adventures is both entertaining and useful!