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Digg, Dugg, Buried

The Graphing Calculator Story made the Digg homepage on Sunday generating a huge amount of site traiffic, and was dugg by 5,970 Digg users which made it the most popular Apple post of the month and the second most popular Technology digg.

The Digg link vanished from the Popular sections this afternoon and can now only be found using the advanced search option to search for buried stories. The Digg FAQ says this:

Stories can also be removed by users with the 'Bury Story' feature within digg. Once a story receives enough 'buries' it is automatically removed from the digg Upcoming or Popular sections. The number of reports required to bury is based on a sliding scale that takes several factors into consideration (such as number of diggs, reports, time of day, topic submitted to, etc.).

So now I'm left to wonder: why was such a popular story buried?

11:08 AM: Now it is unburied. I wonder what happened.


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