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August 30, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Enjoy two rather different views of Monday night's total lunar eclipse. I watched from Chabot with a huge crowd, frenetic activity, many telescopes big and small, television news crews shining floodlights periodically on people in sleeping bags and people in line for the big telescope, the Castilleja High School astronomy class - the TV crews loved interviewing them. One Chabot astronomer in a pointy hat and cape told amusing and educational stories all night long. Quite a few shooting stars. One particularly large one just at the start of totality after the diamond in the diamond ring faded away was a big crowd pleaser.

Kudos to Astropixie for pointing out the images!

August 20, 2007


Nico Bakker sent in this document saying Here is another example of the beauty of Graphing Calculator.

Thank you, Nico!

Click the image to see the equations.

Click here for the movie.